Thursday, October 7, 2010

How Michael Vick's Injury Hurts Philadelphia this Season and Beyond

Through two and a half games this season, Michael Vick was the undeniable MVP because of the value added to his team with respect to increasing the possibility to win. So, when Vick went down last week after getting compacted between two Redskins' defenders things did not look good for the Eagles.

But, a more concerning issue has emerged. With Vick out for one to two weeks the NFL will get another look at Kevin Kolb. Over the off season, rumors swirled that other teams inquired the most about Kolb when it was rumored that Philadelphia wanted to trade one of its three QBs (Kolb, Vick, and someone named McNabb). There was talk of a second or third rounder, and with Al Davis still leading the Raiders with Valdezian direction there's no reason to believe that a first rounder couldn't have been in the cards.

You see, DBSF has a feeling that Kolb might not be quite as good as NFL scouts were projecting last off season. And, with Vick apparently already returned to superstar form it would be shocking if Andy Reid doesn't resign Vick to a long term deal that would make him the franchise quarterback. Therefore, Kolb becomes expendable as the Eagles will want to add protection for Vick or a possession WR in the event that DeSean Jackson continues to run 60 yard flies every route.

Kolb's hype surrounds two games last season. Against the hapless Chiefs he threw for 327 yards, 2 TDs, and 0 picks. Then in a loss to the Superbowl Champion Saints he threw for 391 yards, 2 TDs, but 3 picks. But, here in lies the problem--in 2009 the Chiefs and the Saints were 22nd and 26th, respectively, ranked pass defenses in the entire league. He was abusing bottom tier pass defenses.

In his short tenure this season, Kolb looked Clausenian against (at the time) the NFL's worst pass defense, the Redskins. Most of his pass plays were designed for short, easy throws--hardly the play selection for a QB entering his fourth year in the system. And, when a play was called that required Kolb to look down field, he frequently checked down to RBs to pick up those critical 6 yards on 3rd and 15.

Eagles fans better hope that Vick returns soon not only to salvage this season, but also to do damage control on the waning prospectus of Philly's top trading commodity for next season.

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