Sunday, October 3, 2010

Jumping the Shark Quickie – the Cosby Show

by: the Admiral

This installment of Jumping the Shark may cause controversy because a lot of people loved the Cosby Show, even through the awful final season where the doorbell never worked.

HAHAHAHAAH, the doorbell doesn’t work….hiLARious!!!!!! (<—if there was a sarcastic font, I would have used it on that line). Plus, if he had a problem with the doorbell, why didn’t he just called Vanessa’s ex-fiancee, Dabnus. That boy was a maestro with a screwdriver.

Most people try to pin the Cosby Show’s downfall on Cousin Pam in Season 8. It’s not her fault that the writers were phoning it in long before her torrid abstinent love affair with Sly “gripped” a nation. The actual jumping the shark moment of the Cosby Show can be pinpointed to the first episode of Season 6, which we’ll get back to in a moment.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that even though the Cosby Show jumped the shark at the beginning of Season 6, there were still glimmers of genius within the general downfall. For example, who doesn’t love the Season 6 Episode 18 “CHALLAWWWNGE” episode where Sandman Simm’s dancing skills go toe to toe with the Combustible Huxtable.

I’ve danced the Combustible Huxtable as recently as Friday Night, so I may be biased.

Anyway, I bet you all think that Season 6, Episode 1 was the jumping the shark moment because of the introduction of granddaughter by marriage, Olivia. As much as I longed to reach into the screen and shake that girl’s smug attitude right out of her I can’t blame her; I’ve seen “That’s so Raven” and can’t kick someone while they are down.

The real reason that Season 6, Episode 1 is the jumping the shark moment for the Cosby Show is that is was the final appearance of Peter, the fat neighbor kid. Who doesn’t remember where they were the time Rudy and Peter tried to use the juicer and then he and that too-tight sweatsuit booked it out the front door. That was the first of a long string of fond fat Peter memories from my childhood. When he made his final appearance on Episode 1 of Season 6 I died a little on the inside, and the Cosby Show officially jumped the shark.

“You can’t eat peanut butter without jelly” – Peter talking to Rudy on the Juicer episode.


  1. This made me smile alot :)
    Peter is my real life boyfriend and I stumbled on your blog proving to my co workers that the picture on my desk is the same kid who did his trademark running for the door or rode on Bill Cosby's leg. He's such a great guy in real life and while he does not deny his childhood fame, he's busy being the drummer for 3 bands as well as getting his degree in Anthropology.
    If you adore him as mush as you say, you should come out to a show one day and meet him. He loves his fans :)

  2. Stumbled across this blog too. It's awesome by the way. I say Dabnis Brickey is the shark Jumper. Lol. That's awesome about Peter too