Thursday, April 29, 2010

What did DBSF ever do to Hanley Ramirez?

DBSF won the lottery pick for second overall pick in his fantasy baseball draft. Prior to this season he never had a pick higher than 6th overall. So, it came as a pleasant surprise knowing that worse case scenario he would get Pujols (very unlikely) or the Florida Marlins' Hanley "the Manley" Ramirez. Hanley, who has two 50 bag seasons, is a 30-30, .330, 100+ run short stop, who's coming off his first 100+ rbi season. What's not to like, right?

But, Hanley "the Manley" seems tainted as he's batting .284 with 2 bags, 2 hrs, and 7 rbis in the first 22 games of this season. This can only mean one thing--DBSF did something to Hanley Ramirez. All of this is speculation, but early indications suggest that DBSF cursed Hanley by also drafting Jorge Cantu (who DBSF had last year and, DBSF knows what you're thinking . . . double curse, and you're right.) Cantu plays 3rd base for the Marlins, which means that DBSF owns the entire right side of the Marlins infield.

To reverse the curse DBSF will spot start 2 Oriole pitchers, and 2 Royal pitchers. Stay tuned for the result.


  1. Tulogreenbelt for Handy straight up.

  2. Haven't lost faith yet . . .

  3. Lincecum for Hanley straight up.

  4. triple curse can almost always de-curse the original curse/exponentially add to the original curse.