Monday, April 26, 2010

DBSF NBA Redraft 2010-2011

Similar to the one-team fantasy basketball league that DBSF manages, participates in, and wins each year to build self-confidence, below represents the top ten picks if all NBA players were thrown into a pool and redrafted. Players current age holds (so no going back to the future to draft Kobe), and factors, like a propensity to become injured are considered. Apologies if DBSF misspells Michael Olokwandi.

1. Lebron Nothing more needs to be said.

2. Kevin Durant
PG County's own! Not only has he tied up round 1 with the Lakers. But, he did it while being hounded the whole game by Ron Artest. The same Artest, who gave Kobe such fits in the 2009 playoffs that Kobe demanded the Lakers sign him so he didn't have to face Artest for forty minutes a game in the playoffs again. Also, Durant's ppg average has increased by 5 points each season he's played. (This should be particularly impressive considering he averaged 20 ppg his rookie year.)

3. Dwight Howard
He is as close to a superhuman as DBSF has encountered. If DBSF coached an NBA team, he would challenge every loss to the Magic on account of the Magic fielding a cyborg.

4. Deron Williams
Disregard what he's done in the playoffs, and how he lead a depleted Jazz team that shouldn't have had a winning record to the playoffs, but keep in mind that for the third straight season he's averaged a double-double. Further, this year he increased his rebounds by 1 a game to 4.

5. Carmelo Anthony
Showed this year that he's back. His 28 ppg, 6.6 rbg, and 3.2 apg would look much more impressive if it weren't for Lebron.

6. Russell Westbrook
If he gets a jumpshot, his D and lightening fast speed could push him into the top 5.

7. Josh Smith
Smith might not be in your top twenty. But, defense wins championships so he's in DBSFs. Almost 9 rebounds, over 4 assists, 1.5 steals, and 2 blocks per game. Not bad for a power forward who can D up guards.

8. Chris Paul
This would be 5 if DBSF could draft Chris Paul/ Darren Collison. Unfortunately the Census, and the Social Security Administration define them as separate people. If Paul gets healthy he's Westbrook with a little more O, and a little less D. D>O

Wade falls because of injury concerns, and DBSF's unfaltering belief that Wade needs another star with him to win. (He also has a tendency to take 20 plus shots but not score 20 plus points.)

10. Brandon Roy
It's pronounced "Brandon Wah". He gives you almost twenty, five, and five but he gets the twenty on 16 shots. Not too many guards can do that.

Yes, Patrick "I just don't like playing basketball anymore" O'Bryant would have been number 11.


  1. DWADE AT 9??!?!?!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!? He's the only one with a Ring if i'm not mistaken

  2. I know but I believe his best days are behind him. Regardless he's getting paid this summer.

  3. ur leaving off rondo. would take him over all pgs other than paul and westbrook. that bro STRAPS.

  4. FT% suspect. Jump shot . . . never gonna get it.