Saturday, April 24, 2010

Paul Millsap: Model American

For people who have something against Utah Jazz power forward, Paul Millsap, I have one thing to say: I hate you. I'm nominating him for the prior-to-this-post-nonexistent DBSF model American club. All that guy does is ball. Put him in for ten minutes or the whole game, and he is going to straight fry.

Case and point, last night's win over the Nuggets. Not only are the Jazz without AK-47 but they also lose the Turkish Rasheed Wallace, Mehmet Okur, (they're cousins because they're both seven feet and don't believe that basketball exists inside the three point line, on defense and offense) in game one. Put the Nuggets in the East and they probably make it to the Finals, or the Eastern Conference Finals at the very least. They're that good.

I think many analysts agree that the Nuggets represent a real threat to the Lakers. But, right now because of Paul Millsap, model American, the Nuggets are in danger of not even making it out of the first round. The Jazz are up 2-1 on Millsap's 22 point, 19 board banger. Oh and he went 11 for 14 to get those 22. (So, he's kind of like the anti-Brandon Jennings in that regard.)

But, all season whenever Boozer was (inevitably) out, or there was a need Millsap stepped up big. In clutch time--the playoffs--Millsap is averaging almost 18 points and 11 rebounds.

So, if you like things like freedom of speech, UFC, and highways, and if you don't like things like fascism, male capri pants, or calling soccer 'futbol' vote Paul Millsap for DBSF model American. (Note: resource constraints prevent DTSB from having a functioning voting application. Staying up until midnight to watch the first half of a Jazz playoff game suffices for voting in the mean time. Voters on the West Coast can come up with their own voting methods as the Jazz play at like 7pm there.)

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