Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Top 5 Goalies of 1st Round of 2010 Stanley Cup Playoffs

According to the Internet, the Goalie is the individual in hockey who wears the giant shin guards and hangs out by the net. With that information, DBSF feels he has sufficient hockey knowledge to rank the top performers thus far in the first round of the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs.

1. Brian Boucher (Philadelphia)
The Flyers took the series in 5, and Boucher leads first round goalies with a 94% save percentage, and a 1.59 GAA. He only took 134 shots in those five games but he als pitched one shut out. (Or should, that be skated one shut out? Perhaps, crouched on skates one shut out would be more appropriate.)

2. Jaroslav Halak (Montreal)
The great thing about writing is that you don't have to pronounce names like Jaroslav Halak. Against the Capitals, who the Canadian accented analyst on Sportscenter claims to be the most talented offense in the NHL, Halak has stopped 93% of shots on goal and has a 54 and a 47 save game (both of which were wins).

3. Antti Niemi (Chicago)
Leads the first round with 2 shut outs, has a 92% save percentage, and gave up less than 2.2 goals per game in the six game series, which the Blackhawks won.

4. Craig Anderson (Colorado)
Although the Avalanche lost the series in 6, Anderson averaged over 37 saves per game (for a save percentage of 93.3%), had one shut out, and gave up just over 2.6 goals per game. His name is likely too American for him to really succeed as an NHL goalie.

5. Tuuka Rask (Boston)
In a 6 game series, Rask had a 92.7% save percentage, and allowed an average of 2.18 goals per game (both statistics rank him 4th among first round goalies). His picture on Yahoo sports suggests that he likely didn't take well to the ending of Red Dawn.

There it is. Another beautiful example of the first amendment in action--an individual with absolutely no knowledge of his subject matter pontificating as if it were personal experience.

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