Wednesday, April 28, 2010

JaMarcus Russell--Ryan Leaf: A Comparative Analysis in Ineptitude

With the Oakland Raiders expected to cut JeMarcus Russell after 3 seasons that would make Joey Harrington's career in Detroit look like Drew Brees's career in New Orleans, most analysts are comparing Russell with the Chargers' (and later Cowboys') anti-phenom, Ryan Leaf. Superficially, these two are virtually the same person to DBSF except one is black and has an unhealthy affinity for liquor, and the other is white and has an unhealthy affinity for pain killers. But, DBSF believes these two defensive-back-friendly quarterbacks deserve further analysis for a true understanding of their mutual futility. So here we go:

Overall Pick: JR (1), RL (2)
Seasons played: JR (3), RL (3)
Height: JR (6'6"), RL (6'5")
Weight: JR (260)*, RL (245)
Pass Attempts, Completion, Completion %: JR (680/354/52.1%), RL (655/317/48.4%)
Passing TDs and Interceptions:JR (18, 23), RL (14, 36)
QB Rating: JR (65.2), RL (50.0)
Passing Yards/ Game: JR (131.7), RL (146.6)
Total Rushing Yards & TDs: JR (175, 1), RL (127, 0)
Record as Starting QB: JR (7-18), RL (4-17)

Verdict: They both lose (but JeMarcus Russell by a little less.)

* Rumor has it that Russell got his Oliver Miller on this off-season with the "Petron-and-Take-Out Beach Diet", and is up to 300 olbs.


  1. I'd like to also introduce Akili Smith's stats into the convo. He is credited with playing from 99-05, but the last 3 years he was only various practice squads:
    Pass attempts 461
    Pass completions 215
    Percentage 56.6
    TD-INT 5-13
    Passing yards 2,212
    QB Rating 52.8

    Heath Shuler anyone?

  2. So many people win at losing. So many.