Friday, April 30, 2010

NCAA Tournament Expands to 68

The NCAA has announced that it will expand it's basketball tournament from 65 to 68 teams, and add three opening round games. This decision has two implications. First, now fans can watch four games of Lehigh-East Tennessee State quality on Tuesday night rather than the current one game. Thank you NCAA. Lehigh really needs to be on TV. DBSF appreciates the extra opportunity to see premier 6'4" centers in action.

Second, the decision seriously cripples the last four in-last four out debate. Will it now be last one in-last one out? Probably not. The experts at ESPN will likely modify it back to the existing structure. But, what does this all mean for the casual NCAA basketball fan? Not much. Just that UNLV, Minnesota, and St. Mary's are assured a spot in the NCAA tournament.


  1. I used to fu*k guys like you in prison

  2. If it was the one outside of Santo Domingo in the early 90's it might have been me :) TTYL :p

  3. i like it when minnesota is in the tourney