Friday, April 30, 2010

Santonio Holmes Reinterprets Federal Aviation Security Laws

Santonio has to feel like Dwight Howard in the Magic's first round series against the Bobcats at this point. He gets called out for everything. Starting this off season he gets traded to the Jets for a 5th round pick, which DBSF believes reflects the Steelers concerns over his behavioral problems as Holmes justified a second round or third rounder at least.

So, this week on a flight from Newark to Pittsburgh Holmes got in trouble--yet again--for listening to music on his iPod. Santonio, who in the past has been accused of making wrong decisions with respect to marijuana possession, and domestic violence displayed his revisionist interpretation of airline security laws by wearing his head phones during take off. Holmes failed to remember that such minor, arbitrary crimes are only acceptable if white people commit them.

Fortunately for everyone involved the incident was settled peacefully, and Holmes didn't have to throw glass at anyone.

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