Friday, April 23, 2010

Rookie of the Year -- Plus/ Minus

Most people have some variation of Evans, Curry, and Jennings as the top 3 followed by Collison and Thornton. Looking at wins the advantage goes to Jennings, at offense perhaps to Curry, and overall play to Evans. Based on how Curry finished the season I'd imagine its down to him or Evans. But, plus/ minus provides another perspective. Of the five ROY nominees mentioned the plus/ minus breakdown is as follows:

1. Jennings +124 (4th best on team)
2. Thornton -75 (7th worst on team)
3. Collison - 177 (worst on team)
4. Curry -184 (3rd lowest on team)
5. Evans - 331 (worst on team)

Grant it the argument can be made the Jennings had better pieces around him and Evans played the most minutes (by 200) of any King on a bad team. But, whether you like his 37% shooting and all those 1-8 nights, when Jennings is on the floor his team is in the green.


  1. hey man dang man evans plays like it's the dleague all star game night in night out and i can respect that that kid gets more assists in the last minute of a game than anyone i ever seen

  2. Numbers speak. I still think he could be the best of the five in the long run.