Monday, April 26, 2010

What DBSF has against Jose Theodore

Don't take DBSF for some xenophobe, he welcomes all to America, the land of opportunity, Horatio Alger, etc. But, DBSF draws the line at telling us how to pronounce our names. Case and point--Washington Capitals goalie, Jose Theodore. Like most Washingtonians, DBSF discovered that Washington had a hockey team this spring when the nightly news's spring training review was interrupted to inform us that the Capitals had won the President's Cup (an otherwise esoteric distinction that either validates regular season superiority, or represents a piece of Canadian culture yet to translate to the U.S.)

Well, we discover that we have this team, and on this team--the Capitals--there is a goalie named Jose Theodore. But--stop the record--he pronounces his Jose "Jo-see". Well, I'm sorry but we have something in America DBSF likes to call precedence. Jose Canseco, Jose Valverde, the San Jose State Spartans, and the list goes on. Do you know what these latter Jose's share? A single, established pronunciation for Jose--"Ho-zay". Say it Jo-see. Ho-zay. Hooooo-zaaaay.

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  1. Funny that you haven't needed to know how to pronounce his name this playoff season because Varlamov (also emphasized in a weird place - varLAmov) has take over...