Friday, April 30, 2010

Kentucky Derby Roundup

Tomorrow 20 horses will run around a dirt circle for two and a half minutes or so, and most likely a white family in flamboyant pastels from the top .000000001th percentile of American wealth will become a little wealthier because their quadruped crossed the finish line first. Similar to NASCAR, yachting, or MMA, DBSF doesn't understand how this qualifies as a sport but the Derby trends every year at this time, and DBSF is never one to ignore the mutterings of the masses so, with that DBSF offers the projected top 10 finish for the 2010 Kentucky Derby:

1. Sidney's Candy
2. Dublin
3. Lookin At Lucky
4. Awesome Act
5. Icebox
6. Paddy O'Prada
7. Noble's Promise
8. Devil May Care
9. Stately Victor
10. Super Saver

Should any of these horses be killed prior to the race for refusing to get into one of those small enclosed racing gates, please move each horse up one and insert at number ten the horse with the next highest odds of winning. Enjoy the race, and watching rich white people get richer.


  1. OMFG YES!! In about 2 years when this blog really takes off and you are Mark Cuban rich enough to buy the Washington Mystics can you please buy a horse and run it in the derby and name it either DBSF orrrrr That Bamma Be Crankin in honor of Big John and the 30 minutes he is alotted to spin Go Go every night from 930 to 10 on KYS.