Sunday, April 25, 2010

Top Seven NFL 4th Round Draft Picks--Last 5 Yeas

Tim Tebow getting drafted in the first round was probably the worst thing for the draft's TV ratings as everyone that doesn't have a tattoo and/ or vanity license plate of their favotire NFL team stopped watching after Colt McCoy went off the board. So, for those of you who flipped to the Hills Marathon after the third round history shows that there are some sleepers. Below is DBSF's perfuncorily prepared top 7 4th round picks of the last 5 years. (Note: DBSF has minimal understanding of what makes a good O-line man, besides of course not giving up sacks, so they are disproportionately--read not--underrepresented here.)

1. Brandon Marshall (2006) -- Broncos
Perhaps part of the greatest fourth round drafting in NFL history, Shanahan took Marshall and Elvis Dumervil (see #3) in 2006. Three 100 reception seasons, a 21 catch game, and DBSF's honoree of the most underrated big name receiver in professional football. He could make Tim Tebow look like Matt Hassleback's brother. The one that's married to the woman on The View.

2. Brandon Jacobs (2005) -- Giants
The pick following Marion Barber (see #4) in the 2005 draft, Jacobs has 43 TDs in 5 season, 2 thousand yard seasons, and a career average of 4.4 yards per carry. The drawback? Speaking, and holding on to the football. You can't be perfect.

3. Elmis Dumervil (2006) -- Broncos
Five-foot nuthin', a hundred and nuthin' . . . well he weighs 260 but at 5'11" Dumervil classifies as undersized in the NFL. But, numbers talk. In 4 season he has over 100 tackles, and 42.5 sacks. Last season alone he had 17 sacks, and forced 4 fumbles. That's the kind of season that Dan Snyder writes 9-digit checks for.

4. Kyle Orton (2005) -- Bears
In the last 2 seasons, Orton's thrown 39 TDs, and 24 interceptions. Last season with Denver he peaked with a 86.8 QB rating. He wins games and should probably put up good numbers in 2010 but he'll be limited without Marshall at wide out. In 2011, he'll probably have to watch Tebow spend the first four games of the season throwing Joey Harringtonesque interceptions until Tebow is relegated to Hback for the rest of his career.

5. Marrion Barber (2005) -- Cowboys
Most important statistic--from 2005-2008 Barber averaged over 10 touchdowns per season. He peaked in 2006 with 16.

6. Kerry Rhodes (2005) -- Jets
In 5 season he has over 400 tackles, and 15 interceptions. More importantly, at you can buy Kerry Rhodes mechandise, like a t-shirt that says "Rhodes" on it. Not sure who his marketing team is but DBSF isn't too confident that Kerry Rhodes has achieved the level of eponymy of say Ali, Che, Pele . . .or hell even Wuerffel.

7. Owen Daniels(2006) -- Texans
Fantasy sleeper, meteorology major. My kind of guy. In 5 years, he has over 200 catches and 15 touchdowns, and was added to the pro bowl in 2009.

Why 7? DBSF only knew 8 players drafted in the fourth round in the last 5 years, and 7 is a far more tolerable number than 8.

John Elway > Cal Ripken, Jr. Peace, prosperity, probity.


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