Saturday, April 24, 2010

DBSF 2010 NFL Draft Round 2 Analysis

If DBSF hadn't ever seen some of the first round players play, he's seen even less of the second rounders. But, there's the first amendment, so here we go . . .

Round 2
3 Tampa Bay Brian Price DT
I think the Bucs plan on fielding an all defensive tackle team. This is an interesting philosophy. I'm not sure how well it will work in terms of winning but, if they get to play the Raiders, the Browns, and the Rams twice a year I have them at 6-10.

4 Kansas City Dexter McCluster RB
McCluster ways 165 pounds. DBSF weighed 165 pounds in high school. I have to believe that McCluster has a better forty time.

5 Philadelphia Nate Allen S
The Donovan McNabb pick. I believe he's the second South Florida pick so far. That's two to many for South Florida. Welcome to the Special Teams.

7 Tampa Bay Arrelious Benn WR
From DC and didn't go to Terps. DBSF can already tell he doesn't like Benn.

14 NY Giants Linval Joseph DT
DBSF just discovered that East Carolina has a football team so, he hasn't had a chance to catch Joseph in action. Joseph's picture on Yahoo! suggests would kill someone just because he's bored. That's what you want your D tackle to look like. Projection: great pick.

16 Carolina Jimmy Clausen QB
If Steve Smith is still in Carolina I can't see him taking fondly to Clausen missing him on a five and out. And, I don't see Clausen taking fondly to getting yelled at for missing said receiver. Projection: Some of the best QB-WR sideline fights in the last 10 years of the NFL.

18 Kansas City Javier Arenas DB
DBSF actually DID see Arenas play because the NFL Developmental League, or the SEC plays on Saturday nights when DBSF drinks. Great pick, he's small but just knows how to play DB. Playing the Broncos twice a year DBSF expects Arenas to intercept Tebow 7 times in the 6 games they meet before Tebow becomes a mediocre TE.

19 Minnesota Toby Gerhart RB
We've found one! A white RB in the NFL. Doesn't help that he gets on the field to spell Adrian Peterson. A bit of a fall off there.

22 Cincinnati Carlos Dunlap DE
Again because Florida plays in the NFLDL, DBSF has seen him play. Phenomenal pick if he decides to play. If he doesn't, he's like Albert Haynesworth after you give him $100 million.

25 Baltimore Terrence Cody DT
First DT to play at 400lbs? Google Image this guy. He just makes you smile when you look at him.

27 Cleveland Montario Hardesty RB
Awesome pick if it wasn't to the Browns. Do you think the Broncos could trade back Brady Quinn for Hardesty?

28 Seattle Golden Tate WR
Really fast, pretty small. Why not? Sure he could be good in the NFL.

30 New England Brandon Spikes LB
Like this pic. DBSF is going to be pissed if he leads the Pats to more post-season success. His picture on Yahoo! however, suggests that he would be very critical of individuals who frosted their tips or had some generally poor hairstyle.

In conclusion, this analysis . . . no value added. DBSF overnighted the Tebow men's small jersey. Got one in orange too.


  1. the young woman picked 25 by baltimore is full-sized but still very curvy and has a style all her own:

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