Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jason Campbell Trade

For a fourth rounder in 2012, it looks like the Raiders got a great deal (apparently they also signed his contract extension for another 2 years so he made out well too). Having watched most of Campbell's games--and many Skins fans will agree--he took a lot of heat for factors he had no control over.

Poor offensive lines, changing O coordinators, and big name but grossly under performing wide receivers plagued him in Washington. It's good to see he'll get a new chance with a talented team (that has been drafting surprisingly well this week). There's a couple talented but unproven wideouts in Oakland and a running back named McFadden, who if healthy could take a lot of pressure off the QB.

As for the Skins, getting a fourth rounder seems fair considering the circumstances. If I were a Skins fan I would not be happy about losing Campbell as a back-up when you have a 34 year old starting QB but, Campbell deserves a shot to start with a new team. He never pointed fingers, or made a fuss in Washington. He just came in, did his job, and took grief from fans because his corp of 5'9" receivers couldn't get open.

Most importantly, what does this mean for JaMarcus Russell? DBSF actually has the inside scoop on this. It means a) that was the easiest non-lottery winning $37 million (or whatever he was paid) earning, b) yes, JaMarcus now you can party 7 nights a week (not that lousy 6 like when you had to play football on Sundays), and C) he should make the most of his time on the 2012-2013 Detroit Lions QB depth chart as that is where over-hyped, under-to-never performing QBs fade away. Being the third string QB on the Lions for these QBs is the football equivalent of the streams salmons swim thousands of miles to eventually die in.

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  1. the oakland raiders: where black quarterbacks go to die.