Friday, April 23, 2010

NFL 1st Round Analysis

Of the last four times I played tackle football (none of which was organized besides a brief understanding of a time and field) I broke three bones. Thus, this can be classified as unofficial analysis.

1 St. Louis Sam Bradford QB
I feel like the Rams have had a top five pick every season since Warner left. It's almost impossible for a non-Oakland Raiders team to stay so bad for so long. I expect Bradford to succeed. It doesn't hurt that he gets 8 games a year on turf, which only makes fast NFL receivers faster.

2 Detroit Ndamukong Suh DT
He's going to be awesome when he leaves the Lions in 3 or 4 years to play on a surging team that went like 8-8 the year before and peaks just as he gets there.

3 Tampa Bay Gerald McCoy DT
They still have Josh Freeman at QB, correct? Then McCoy (along with the rest of the D) should be looking forward to a lot of field time. I expect him to improve until rookie, and the 75/25 Defense-Offense possession ratio wears on him by week 13.

4 Washington Trent Williams OL
Mike Shanahan will not let Daniel Snyder ruin his team. Case and point--this pick. If Zorn was still coaching the front page of the Post would have Jimmy Clausen with a Skins hat on.

5 Kansas City Eric Berry S
As a Broncos fan I take offense to this pick. Fortunately, Matt Cassel has trouble breaking the 80 yards passing mark in a game.

6 Seattle Russell Okung OL
The only time I ever watched Oklahoma State play was by accident so, sure . . . it can't hurt to protect Charlie Whitehurst.

7 Cleveland Joe Haden CB
Grew up in PG County and didn't go to the Terps. I have little interest in this career.

8 Oakland Rolando McClain LB
Like the pick, but he's going to have that Raider on his helmet. Thanks for coming. Pick up your check and start the 6 year party till your out of the league.

9 Buffalo C.J. Spiller RB
As a freshman I knew Spiller would be a standout. He's probably not going to be an every down back, but speed (and character if you're the Denver Broncos) kills in the NFL. I can't believe this was the Bills biggest need. Sometimes you have to take talent first.

Let's fast forward here a little as most of these guys I've never seen play and, thus, my unofficial assessment is even more unofficial . . .

11 San Francisco Anthony Davis OL
You mean the Broncos couldn't take Tebow here?

12 San Diego Ryan Mathews RB
I believe someone on Sportscenter or in the Newspaper had many positive things to say about him. Maybe it was about CJ Spiller. Regardless I like this pick for the Chargers. Again as a Broncos fan I take offense. Of course, since he played at Fresno State there is zero chance I got a down of his in college.

15 NY Giants Jason Pierre-Paul DE
Whatever happened to all of those awesome D-ends they had? The picture on suggests that he's an "instinct" guy.

16 Tennessee Derrick Morgan DE
They always have a good D-line. And this is why. They draft well.

18 Pittsburgh Maurkice Pouncey C
Roethlisberger doesn't need protection. We need protection form him.

22 Denver Demaryius Thomas WR
In YO FACE Dez Bryant! But, Tim Tebow was available here.

24 Dallas Dez Bryant WR
Roy Williams should entertain ideas of new places to practice his profession.

25 Denver Tim Tebow QB
Yes! YES!!! They got him. Steal of the draft. Expert analysis. Character--Excellent, Leadership--Superb, God-fearing--Spectacular, Arm--Subpar for the Canadian Football League, Accuracy--like Danny Wuerfell when he can't find his glove, but most importantly Desire to win--the best. Oh well, guess what? A lot of guys in the NFL want to win. But, they want to win, and can run a 4.4. Whatever, I already ordered by Tebow Broncos jersey from Men's small. It fits better that way.

30 Detroit Jahvid Best RB
Could be a steal this late, but Detroit excels at ruining promising your RBs. He should be somewhere in the AFC North in two years.

Last two guys I never even heard of so let's stop it there . . .

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  1. Tebow has BIGGER things on his mind than running a 4.4. These include Jesus and giant breasts.