Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tiger Woods likes Nickleback

In today's press conference for the Quail Hollow Championship a reporter asked Tiger if he thought he deserved criticism for going to a rock concert last week. Tiger responded that he had fun seeing Nickleback, and that he really liked the band. Further, he told the reporter that he has several friends in the band. So, he was also going to see friends. This arouses some questions for DBSF, like how many Affliction t-shirts does Tiger have?


  1. Get real DBSF, Tiger is more of an Ed Hardy/ Jon Gosselin type of bro. I bet he can't wait until Limp Bizkit drops a new record.

  2. Linkin Park, and I quote "You point the finger at me again [interupting chorus] GUILTY BY ASSOCIAAAAATION"