Saturday, September 25, 2010

Vincent Jackson: Overvalued by San Diego, Overvalued by Vincent Jackson

Apparently the Vincent Jackson-San Diego Chargers' trade or contract extension negotiations have reached an impasse. San Diego wants something similar to what Denver got for Brandon Marshall (two second round picks) and Vincent wants a contract extension commensurate to what Brandon received from Miami (4-years, $47.5M).

But, here in lies the problem--Vincent Jackson isn't Brandon Marshall. Marshall is coming off three consecutive 100+, and 1,100+ yard receiving seasons. Jackson, on the other hand, has never had more than 68 catches in a season. In fact, if you look at Jackson's stats over the last three years he falls more in company with the Santana Moss, Donald Driver, and Derrick Mason crowd. Certainly respectable just not elite WRs.

Until Vincent Jackson, and the San Diego Chargers (i.e., AJ Smith) realize this, one of the better position WRs in the NFL will be John Riggins'ing it until either Jackson decides he needs the money or San Diego wants to achieve something greater than the distinction of perennial AFC West Champions.

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