Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Do you Really Expect DBSF to Believe that Anybody Hates LeBron James more than Chris Collinsworth?

Two weeks ago the Q Scores company released findings from a sample of 2,000 national sports fans, age 12-64, that showed that Bron Bron was the sixth most disliked athlete in the US. Ahead of him were NFL MVP through week 3, Michael Vick, Tiger, TO, Ochocinco, and Kobe.

Hmmmmmmmm . . . hmmmmmmmm???? Hmmmmmmm??? What's missing here? Interestingly, Congressional perjerer and purported steroid-user Roger Clemens name was absent. As are well-known substance abusers, like Josh Hamilton and Matt Jones. Not to mention, Ben Roethlisberger, who has the character one looks for in a right wing Central American dictatorial general, is missing too. (What characteristic does this latter group of names share that the first does not?)

Apparently, our country's affinity for free-market merit-based achievement fails to extend to the world of athletics as arguably the two most successful athletes of the 21st century fall on the most-hated list (Kobe and Tiger). But, what really gets DBSF is that you could throw together a TigerBronChoVick cocktail and even splash it with Brady Quinn and, heck, chase it with a shot of Broadway Joe and you wouldn't get an iota of the depravity and misanthropy that 30 seconds of Chris Collinsworth commentary induces.


  1. IT'S...BECAUSE...THEY...ARE...BLACK!!!!! its racialism at it's damndest. man...i hate the FUCK outta bob costas

  2. Chris Collinsworth's best friend is black!