Friday, September 10, 2010

DBSF's First First Lady

This picture of the First Lady catching a football in-stride, and then simulating like she's preparing for contact after the catch makes DBSF question how anyone can't love our young, athletic First Lady.

Of course, individuals may hold less favor for her husband (however, DBSF hates to break it to you but your perceptions of the President/ any President/ political figures are based a) slightly on your parents' views, and b) primarily on how you decide to interpret small packets of information you come across on the news or internet and make irrationally broad generalizations about the aforementioned individuals) but let us compare Mrs. Obama to the last three first ladies to put her in scope.

1. Laura Bush--Seems like a very nice lady; calm, likely nice to children. But, she gives off an aura to DBSF that if you like stepped on and accidentally broke one of her prize rhododendrons or azaleas while playing football by her front yard she would basically open up the gates of hell on your non-five-yard-out-catching self.

2. Hillary Clinton--Comes off as intelligent but DBSF feels like staffers have to regularly remind her why children aren't as smart as adults. Like she'll be at some photo-op reading JK Rowling to a collection of multicultural kids draped across a library floor and while she's waiting for the press to get settled to take their pictures Mrs. Clinton asks a pig-tailed 6 year old about her thoughts on US-Sino relations and China's questionable valuation of the Yuan and when the 6 year old just yawns then picks her nose, Mrs. Clinton is honestly--to her core--perplexed why the child can't address the question.

3. Barbara Bush--Knitting, walks, puzzles. Standard. White. Grandma.


  1. ya man i heard nancy reagan would do stuff like drink a martini and smoke some pot and arm wrestle people weird right?

  2. Take it back. Nancy Reagan is a god damn saint.

    People say the current first lady is hot, I don't see it. French President Nicolas Sarkosy's wife is a First Lady that I can get behind. (When I say 'get behind' I mean support; get your mind out of the gutter)

  3. Hahahaha! Love this post, Daniel. Plus, she's a bargain shopper and has diesel arms.