Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Make Your Own Caption

by: the Admiral

Today’s blog post will be interactive. In the comment section write your own caption for one, some, or all of the following photos (Label your comment with A, B, C, or D).

Please don’t be shy, embarrassed, or bashful. Even a mediocre effort is 1,000 times superior to not attempting at all. This fact is proven by the less than mediocre sample captions I came up with.

All who participate will receive 500 DBSF points for use on the DBSF Merchandise Page and the best caption for each photo will receive 25,000 DBSF points**.

**As always, the DBSF legal teams insists I must remind you:

  • The DBSF Merchandise Page is currently under construction and expected to go live sometime in 2015.
  • All unredeemed DBSF points expire every Thursday


  • Final preparations for the always fun game of Ultimate Twister
  • “If the mop doesn’t work, you could always try a Magic Eraser.”


  • “Hey God, this is Moses. Sorry to bother you at home, but I lost the Ten Commandments.”
  • “Hey Honey. I can’t remember, was I supposed to pick up dinner or a cool new ashtray? Dinner? Dammit, I thought so.”


  • Backstage at a Christmas Coca-Cola commercial shoot
  • “’Entourage’ is a repeat? You get up and change the channel; I didn’t lose the remote.”

D)emergency phone

  • “Just look at the bright side Bob. The emergency phone may be 174 km away, but I’m pretty sure by the time we get there you won’t be bleeding anymore.”
  • Next Sign - ‘Speed limit: 25 mph’
  • Next Sign - ‘Exact Change Only’


  1. C)'Hey MAAAH, the meatloaf, we want it now! FUCK!'

  2. A) "Aaaahhh...noooo....Mista Peter....I no mop room with colored circles....nooooo....I no mop."

    B) "I don't care what your computer says you shipped me. I'm holding it right now and I promise you it's not the electric shaver I ordered. Let me speak to your supervisor."

    C) "Dude, what did I tell you? The pure MDMA is the BEST!"


    HUSBAND IN CAR: You tell him!
    WIFE IN CAR: No! He's your father! You tell him!
    HUSBAND IN CAR: Okay fine!!! Hey dad. About your heart attack. I have some bad news..."