Monday, September 13, 2010

US Wins Gold, Russian Coach Tucks Golf Shirt into Jeans

While most sports fans spent the weekend face deep in a mound of NFL excitement to make up for the 6.5 months of football-withdrawal jonesing they've suffered through, a critical moment in professional basketball occurred in Turkey.

Not only did the US win gold for the first time in 16 years (like FIFA, FIBA is played every 4 years) but while Bron Bron was skyboxing at Fedex Field in Raljon . . or, Landover, MD Kevin Durrant established himself as the greatest living basketball player. Besides averaging 23 ppg, 6 rbg, and 2apg (if these numbers don't seem impressive, keep in mind that in international ball defense is much more of a premium than in NBA) Durant made key play after key play to lead the Americans to the gold.

But, perhaps more important than Durant's ascendancy to basketball unequivocalness, to DBSF at least, is the Russian coach's bold fashion decision to tuck a Dry-Fit polo into dark stone-washed jeans. And, people try to say that Eastern Europeans are behind in their fashion?

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  1. Its funny that the Russian coach is so unknown that even during the game he has to wear those huge credentials around his neck.

    He tried to coach his previous game without it and security tossed him from the arena for loitering around the locker room area at halftime.