Friday, September 17, 2010

Top 3 NFL Quarterbacks that Look like Somebody you Drink with

Tom Brady looks he could have done two seasons on "As the World Turns" and Matt Schaub looks like he could fill out your 1040-X and get you a huge rebate for exemptions you didn't even know existed, but DBSF thought it appropriate to consider the top 3 NFL quarterbacks that look most like he might show up at your residency with an open 30 pack of Domestic Light sans 11 beers, or like he reflects on his aversion to certain liquors, like Jagermeister, as if it were a physically abusive parent.

3. Curtis Painter (Indianapolis Colts)
This image conjures of the word "binger" more than boozing; but, DBSF has to believe that Painter downs some Boulder honeysuckle flavored Microbrews between non-medicinal sessions.

2. Drew Stanton (Detroit Lions)
The worst thing about playing college football for Stanton was probably that he didn't get to pledge a frat. In games where he believes the Lions will lose by less than 14 and, thus, his role in the affair will be strictly non-participatory (i.e., vs. the Browns or Rams) he likely takes a couple shots out of a cell phone flask at half time.

1. Jay Cutler (Chicago Bears)
Cutler looks like the kind of guy that doesn't consider beer as alcohol and has a personal rule that he never drives with more than 16 beers in his system.

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  1. Mark Sanchez looks liked the kind of guy whose been a repeat victim of Bros Icing Bros.