Monday, August 30, 2010

Question for Roger Clemens

The sports' media is in hysteria over Roger Clemens return to Washington and his alleged lying to a Congressional panel on the use of steroids and human-growth hormones. Everyone wants to know: Did he do it? Did Roger take the steroids? Did he lie to Congress? Etc, etc, etc.

But, something's afoot at the Circle K. There's something blatant, and much more deserving of attention that is getting lost in the hype. A 48 year old, multimillionaire former Cy Young winner is rocking frosted tips.

Roger you are aware aren't you that you're going to a federal court to enter a plea on charges that could result in you serving over a year in jail? And, Roger--in a state of what DBSF has to believe is delusional judicial exigency--you thought frosted tips were, legally speaking, a "go-to"?

Fortunately for the Rocket's legal situation he nixed his original wardrobe of a fishnet button-down complimented with stone-washed, mid-thigh cut-off jean shorts.


  1. true story--i saw meghan fox with brian austin green at a taco shop two weeks ago. i think BAG was responsible for the onset of this scourge in the first place.

  2. There were only 3 things of any consequence that ever came from Beverly Hills 90210 and David Silver was not one of them.

    #3) Donna Martin Graduates - In the 60s they had Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young singing "Tin soldiers and Nixon's comin', 4 dead in Ohio" to show disgust for campus violence against students protesting the Vietnam War.

    But those of us who came of age in the 1990s had the proliferation of the phrase, "Donna Martin Graduates" from the conscientious objectors of West Beverly high to show solidarity with Donna and her inalienable right to get drunk before prom without repercussion.

    #2) Steve Sanders - Steve Sanders was, and continues to be a national treasure. His black 1989 Corvette extended the significance of this dying 80s status symbol through mid to late 1993. His "I8A 4RE" (I Ate A Ferrari) license plate singlehandedly dropped Ferrari's sales by 80% in 1992 and pushed the Italian sportscar company to the brink of bankruptcy.

    #1) Brenda Walsh - The redeeming qualities of my former craps playing partner are obvious and require no explanation.