Monday, August 23, 2010

2010 NFL Predictions: AFC West

The Oakland Raiders' decision to cut QB JaMarcus Russell earlier this season proved most unfortuitous for Denver back-up QB Brady Quinn because Russell's departure relegated Quinn back to his distinction as the worst QB in his division. (DBSF recognizes that this blog dedicates a disproportionate amount of content to Brady Quinn. But, then again it does so to Adam Morrison so what do you expect?)

1. San Diego Chargers (12-4)
Games between the Chargers and their AFC West divisional opponents come off more as formalities than actual athletic events. So, 6 wins from divisional play right there. The Chargers don't really have any weaknesses besides the fact that Norv Turner might be the nicest coach--save Jim Zorn--in the history of the NFL and nice coaches basically never win the big one. Of course, the Chargers might be able to offset this deficiency since Phillip Rivers is probably the biggest jerk in the NFL.

2. Oakland Raiders (8-8)
Most people might be shocked by this projection but keep in mind that the Raiders usually can count all of their wins in a season on one hand which bodes well for securing high draft picks and an easy schedule the following season. The team is loaded with talent at the skill positions and Jason Campbell should provide an excellent (and much needed) steadying force at QB. Ironically, DBSF just learned that former Redskins back-up QB Colt Brennan followed Campbell across the country to Oakland. You can only imagine Campbell's shock on the first day of mini-camp when he's in a new uniform with new teammates and then he looks across the field at the third stringers and there's old Colt bounce passing flies and hitting cornerbacks dead-on in the face mask.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (5-11)
There are probably 3 NCAA conferences the Chiefs couldn't win. However, they seem to draft well every year (there hasn't been hype for a safety like their first round pick, Eric Berry, since the Redskins drafted Sean Taylor) and they get to play Browns, Jags, Bills, Seahawks, Rams, and Denver twice. They might not win all of those games but the odds of seven 0-0 ties are highly unlikely so DBSF has the Chiefs improving by one win over last season.

4. Denver Broncos (3-13)
Denver's strengths: Their QB loves God more than the other team's QB. Weakness: Run defense, offensive skills' positions, special teams (basically everyone and thing not named Champ Bailey). DBSF predicts that Tim Tebow will make an appearance week 10ish when the Broncs have one win and everyone is questioning if drafting Tebow means they will trade away the Jake Locker pick. Coach Josh McDaniels is wedded to Tebow (figuratively, of course), and considering that Tebow wasn't much of a passer in college Bronco fans will likely have to suffer through 3 years of skip passes to running backs on third and long before both coach and Tebow are back ups in some less mountainous city.

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