Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Italia Trip Report #1

by: the Admiral

I’ll be back in the States in a few days and there will be bits and pieces of my trip to the homeland interspersed throughout my regular ramblings in weeks to come. Today we are going to specifically focus on the best part of my trip. This was the week in the 28 person, 2 donkey hamlet on the very top of a mountain where my people come from (pictured above, our house in the center of the photo).

I have very few complaints. I hiked to the top of a mountain, drank vino outside by the fire at night, and ate great food. The one complaint I do have is that to get anywhere, buy anything, or do anything in this town you have to walk over hill and dale. If I’m going on a hike that is fine, but if I just want a bottle of Nutella or a pack of cigarettes then it can be very annoying because it requires walking through fields, then forests, then fields, then creeks, then fields; and that is the shortcut.

Here is a video of me walking to get a pack of cigarettes:

I queued up the wrong video; that wasn’t quite right. Instead of a chair, I was carrying a walking stick and my crown was from Burker King Rome.


  1. I thought you said that there were 4 donkeys in the hamlet and that 2 of the people were conjoined. What's the math behind that? 1, 1.5, 2?

  2. I don't know for official population, but in the elections a pair of conjoined donkies get one vote for town constable. I never said any people were conjoined, I said they were CONCERNED about how the donkies would vote.