Monday, August 16, 2010

2010 NFL Predictions: NFC West

As stated in the assessment of the NFC South, mathematically speaking ties are highly unlikely in the NFL. If there were a greater possibility, say 0.0001%, then each team in the NFC West would finish the season with six 0-0 ties from their six divisional games because of the culture of futility that hangs over the division, like a toxic cloud. Much like the NL West, the NFC West will send a team to the playoffs because they are guaranteed a spot, not because said team has any hope of making it out of the wildcard.

1. San Francisco 49ers (10-6)
The 49ers picked up protection with two first round OL in this year's draft. There's no reason the 49ers shouldn't blow through the conference with a solid defense and a good RB, WRs, and TE. Oh wait, there is--Alex Smith. Of course, if Smith can't run the team at QB, the Niners picked up David Carr, whom no matter how many first round OL a team picks up can find a way to get sacked six times a game.

2. Arizona (7-9)
This is really tough. Arizona looks like they epitomize 5-11 but by the nature of their being in the NFC West they get to play Seattle and St. Louis twice. In addition, the NFC West is matched up with the AFC West, which--with the exception of San Diego--consists of teams that would probably be a stretch to make the Meineke Car Care Bowl if they played in the ACC. As if the Cardinals needed a bad omen apparently Matt Leinart fumbled on his first play from scrimmage in the pre-season. (DBSF uses "apparently" because he did not in fact watch the game as he still dedicates all August sports TV watching time to NBA Summer League.)

3. Seattle (5-11)
What's not to like? New QB (Charlie Whitehurst), new coach (Pete Carroll), new OT (Russell Okung) . . . DBSF suspects that Carroll's inability to succeed in the NFL will persist on account of the other team's being able to pay their player's too. The Seahawks also lost All-Pro LT Walter Jones and DE Patrick Kearney. Hasselback looks to be on the decline and if it weren't for the Whitehurst trade DBSF would advise the Seahawks to play for Jake Locker.

4. St. Louis Rams (2-14)
Coming off a 15 loss season that was really a 16 loss season because beating the Lions counts about as much as somewhere between kissing your sister and winning an on-line video gaming tournament, DBSF sees the Rams doubling up on last season's win total. First overall pick, Sam Bradford, will likely last 6 games behind the Ram's seine of an offensive line. That means Coach Spagnulo will call on ole' AJ Feeley to run the NFL's best three and out offense (outside, of course, the masterfully ineffective, Brady Quinn).


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