Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NFL Preseason MVPs . . . and Future United Football Leaguers

Luke McCown, Kyle Orton, and Sage Rosenfels right now are the three hottest QBs in the NFL. All have 108+ QB ratings (McCown 124.5!) and have completion percentages in the low to high 60s. Of course if the Preseason counted for anything Kyle Orton would doing Gatorade and Sportscenter adds and cussing at kids in a football skit on Saturday Night Live.

But, the preseason is perhaps more important for who would be best accomodated by the UFL (United Football League, you know the Hartford Colonials) with the freshly unincarcerated Maurice Clarett. The top candidates at QB thus far this preseason: Tyler Palko, who's has 3 pics, no TDs and is averaging 4.6 yards per pass; and, the front runner for 'QB to be over-throwing screens to a Maurice Clarett or Ahman Green-type' Panthers' rookie, Jimmy Clausen. Clausen achieved his abysmal 35.0 QB rating by completing just under 46% of his passes, throwing 2 pics and no TDs while compiling 4 sacks.

On a positive note for former Notre Dame QBs, the play of Clausen and Brady Quinn have only bolstered Rick Mirer's legacy in the NFL.

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