Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jordan & Kwame 2.0

In an otherwise inconsequential off-season move--save its irony of Shakespearean proportions--the AP is reporting that the Charlotte Bobcats will sign Kwame Brown to a one-year deal and, thus, reunite the ineffective Xboxer with his old Washington boss and teammate, Michael Jordan. Now if Jordan can just sign Jahidi White and Christian Laettner he can solidify the Bobcats as 22 win and sub-5,000 fans per game organization.


  1. People make and remake mistakes. Let him live his life.

    We all know Jordan is a huge gambler and this is the classic gambling addict mentality. He flopped badly with Kwame Brown, so now he is doubling down on Kwame Brown.

    It's like Homer Simposon.

    Moe Sizlack: Homer, you bet ON the Generals against the Globetrotters?

    Homer: I thought they were due.

  2. "the ineffective Xboxer"

    now this is a web blog a man can believe in