Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wednesday Morning Rundown

One Got Punched in the Face by Andre Johnson (twice), and the Other has a Gnarly Full-back Cadillac Tattoo

Derek Anderson wasn't Laughing, He was just Smiling Alot . . . Like Alot, Alot

Was Derek laughing or wasn't he? Did the reporter unfairly provoke Derek? DBSF doesn't care seeing as Derek Anderson is a quarterback in the NFC West, which is to the NFL what Central Florida is to the United States. That being said DBSF did take interest with Derek's comment that "I don't want to go out there and get embarrassed on Monday Night Football in front of everybody . . ."

Don't worry Derek, the Nielsen ratings were just released and shockingly the 49ers-Cardinals bore-a-thon collected about 28 fewer viewers than WGN's rerun of the Family Matter's episode where Carl and Urkel are on a chartered flight to Detroit and it turns out that the pilot was an ex-con Carl had busted years ago.

(No, no, Family Matters' screenwriters, of course airlines and the Federal Aviation Administration don't run background checks on commercial pilots. Now, go back to finishing that Weekend at Bernie's 3 screenplay.)

According to the Nielsen ratings the leading program in the 10-11pm time slot on Monday wasn't the Niners-Cardinals' nonperformance or the best of Family Matters Season 6. Ironically, it was a Nightline segment exposing the utter shock existing among Arizonans when they learned that the US populace was as interested in retaining Arizona in the Union as Arizonans were in welcoming undocumented workers. You can take it Mexico: it's flat, hot, and has terrible architecture.

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  1. He doesn't want to be embarrassed on MNF, but has no problem wearing that shirt in the post game news conference.