Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Disconcerting Prospectus for US in Global Competition v. PRC

If this video serves as foreshadowing for the US's economic competition with China in the 21st century, then this hurdler presents daunting imagery as the Chinese, although inadequate as hurdlers, see the proverbial finish line and will get there at any cost.

Notice how after missing the first three hurdles he proceeds to karate-chop the next several. But, on the fourth karate-chop the hurdle horseshoes him and he face-plants in his opponents lane. He then decides "the heck with this noise", enters his opponents lane, double karate-chops a hurdle (clearly, he learned from the horseshoeing episode caused by the previous hurdle), and jumps onto his/ his opponents final hurdle.

After completing the event he walks around as if nothing is out of the ordinary besides somebody not bringing him a Gatorade or something. (Notice in the last second of the film that he proceeds to stumble when stepping from the track onto the grass, thus establishing a perfectly futile 30 seconds of human existence.)

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