Tuesday, December 28, 2010

All-Time Seven Foot-plus XBoxer Fight

Supposedly Washington Wizards F/Cs Andray Blatche and JaVale McGee were suspended for one game earlier this week after the teammates got in a fight with each other outside a nightclub last Friday morning. The image of two under-weight seven-footers (okay, Andray is 6' 11") with all the three and a half foot limbs flailing, and all the "nah, nah, son" exclamations it seems such an event represents the fundamental reason for the existence of video-internet technology.

While the altercation comes as little surprise to DBSF considering that McGee and Blatche possess a mien of the Oliver Miller/ JR Rider caliber, DBSF believes the fight likely originated based on one of three issues:

1) Earlier in the night while pregaming at McGee's, Blatche accidentally saved over and, thus, erased McGee's dynasty season (he had played up to the 2045-2046 NBA season) on NBA Live 2011 with the Lakers where JaVale McGee, JaVale McGee, Jr., and JaVale McGee, Jr., Jr. had led the team to thirty straight NBA Championships while scoring 250 points per game and holding their opponents to 3% field goal shooting; 2)McGee accidentally stepped on Blatche's team issued shoes (as fortune would have it, the Wizards, like every other NBA team, offer the team issued shoes complimentary and without end so Andray just ask for another pair, or five pairs, of shoes at tomorrow's practice); or, 3) Blatche told McGee that he "looks like a hungry Sinbad."

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  1. someone just got his ass fried and his name is javale mcghee. HUNGRY SINBAD.