Monday, December 6, 2010

Denver RB Tweet: McDaniels Firing = Obama's Election

In reaction to Denver Bronco's owner, Pat Bowlen's, firing of head coach Josh McDaniels reserve running back Lance Ball tweeted that news of McDaniels' firing was commensurate to President Obama being elected president.

Now, DBSF is partial to Ball as he was a Terp, and when DBSF was a senior at UMD and Ball a freshmen they were in the same Tues/ Thurs basketball class (DBSF's team won the championship). But, comparing the firing of a second-year coach who has won only 5 of his last 22 games to the first African American president in a country who's legacies include slavery and Jim Crow laws might be a bit of an overstatement.

McDaniels did trade for Brady Quinn, who is a white Akili Smith (i.e., if Quinn was black he would've been offensive coordinating at some high school over a year ago), and only gave up Peyton Hillis, who is second in the NFL in rushing TDs. Among other accomplishments, the President passed a healthcare bill that a major political party has been demanding for half a century and, thus, is rumored to be of some significance.

So Lance, yeah, when McDaniels drafted Tim Tebow 3 rounds before any team was even considering a non-throwing quarterback DBSF's first association for McDaniels was with 'leader of the free world' and not with 'this guy seems like the kind of person that furiously yells at drive-thru speakers when the screen says chalupa but he said gordita'.


  1. dont forget akili smith very solid 98 preseason...

  2. Darnell Coogan hates whites.