Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Two Best Parts of Michael Jordan's Playground

Yes, DBSF needs to find a better way to cope with the NBA lockout. And, yes apparently he is one of the few whites affected by the lockout. Buutttttt, bear in mind, there are also much worse things to watch on Youtube while delaying/ avoiding life's various industries.

Scene 1: (Click here to start where the scene begins at 4:39.)
Younger, pseudo Jordan does get pushed around in the tryout but he is also the first person to attempt to combine the flat-top with the bowl-cut and that deserves credit for sheer ingenuity in DBSF's book. Lou George, second guy to make the team, sports the best shoulder length feather earring worn in a high school basketball tryout to date. Paul Anthony's flat-top pony-tail combo was inspirational but lacked the creativity of pseudo Jordan's flat-top, bowl-cut. Mike Segman making the team definitely compounded the insult of pseudo Jordan not making the team as not only was Segman white, but he also had a uni-brow.

Scene 2: (Click here to start where the scene begins at 2:29.)
First thing off the bat--the director for this scene is racist. Two black guys playing basketball so of course the director throws them in a caged court with graffiti on the walls and a broken basket. Last time DBSF checked by the time filming commenced for "Michael Jordan's Playground" in 1990, Jordan was a multi-millionaire through NBA contracts and endorsements. He also played for the University of North Carolina and on the Chicago Bulls. So, you mean to tell DBSF that between those resources and all of his NCAA and NBA connections Jordan can't at least secure a high school gym to shoot around with younger, pseudo Jordan? Also, apparently, Jordan and not Guy Fieri started the mid-forearm wrist band trend, which all of a sudden makes the adult mid-forearm wrist band less Monster Energy Drink-New Found Glory middle American mass-consumerish and more urban chic.


  1. real talk fuck mike segman double real talk the editor needs to be SHOT 2:44 boom mic man wtf

  2. Damn i love hearing Chris Mullin talk.