Monday, November 7, 2011

The Sad State of Current Day NFL Party Integrity

The Miami Herald is reporting that Dolphins' CB Vontae Davis was held out of Sunday's game after showing up to Saturday's practice late and smelling like alcohol after he and some teammates went out Friday night. (In their defense, at 0-7 and with their team's participation in the playoffs being highly unlikely, the difference of being 1-7 or 0-8 is insignificant in comparison to a Friday night out in South Beach as a 23 year old.)

But, this marks a sad state if it reflects current professional athletes' ability to 'do the party crime and handle the party time'. Rumor has it that back in the Georgetown days, when head coach John Thompson would get angry with star Allen Iverson for partying late into the night Thompson would schedule early practices and make players continually run suicides rather than have the traditional basketball-focused activities. Not only would Iverson beat all of his teammates in the sets of suicides but one time he supposedly proceeded straight to a treadmill where he sprinted until assistant coaches pulled him off. Thus, proving to Coach Thompson that unlike Vonta Davis, he, Iverson, could 'do the time and the crime'.

Of course, this is nothing to say of the legendary Jordan and Barkley escapades of late night parties followed by early morning workouts (probably more Jordan than Barkley) and thirty point performances in the afternoon. What makes Davis's inability to handle the hangover crime even more pathetic was the fact that as a defensive back he was going up against Matt Cassel and the sixth worst passing offense in the NFL. So while Jordan was going on 35 minutes of sleep after spending a half day at the China Club and would have to battle with John Starks for forty-plus minutes, you mean to tell DBSF that Vontae Davis can't set his cell phone alarm, wake-up, crush four Aleve and two glasses of water to chase Steve Breston for the Chiefs' 25-30 passing plays?


  1. lawrence taylor would be up for WEEKS bamma pls

  2. Wade Boggs--70-plus Miller Lite cross country flights.

  3. I had a Mamosa once before a round of golf and didn't even puke. True story.