Monday, September 26, 2011

Vince Young Impersonator. Arrested. Temple Hills.

There's the saying 'no news is good news'. For DBSF it goes 'any Vince Young news is good news'. Whether its his partying shirtless with buds at the club or his coming to the realization that football is less fun when you're getting booed, DBSF tends to gravitate to anything Vince Young-related.

Case and point--last week police arrested a man for impersonating Vince in DBSF's very own Prince Georges County. Based on the police report and the picture of the impersonator, it's reasonable to believe that someone that had seen the real life Vince Young one times or fewer might confuse the two.

While both are approximately 6'5" and 230lbs, Vince Young, like most other NFL back-up QBs and/ or marginally legitimate humans, doesn't hand collect $2,500 checks for charities in Suburban Maryland. Further, although Vince Young's philanthropic work likely uses the internet DBSF is suspicious that Facebook represents the platform by which he organizes his collecting responsibilities. If nothing else DBSF can take solace in knowing that he lives approximately 6 miles north of Temple Hills, and in DBSF's neighborhood its Vince Young impersonator conducts his fraud over the phone not via internet/ face-to-face.

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  1. ya i seen that bamma around the way goes by the name taj holden