Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ronald Bailey

When most people consider of the odd-brother-out in NFL family triumvirates, they think of Cooper Manning, brother of Peyton and Eli. While the latter are first overall NFL picks and Superbowl MVPs and Champions, injury forced the former's football career to an early end. But, injuries are a part of football and considering that Cooper shared the same ex-NFL QB dad, Archie, as Peyton and Eli presumably he had the same opportunity to succeed in professional athletics as his younger brothers.

What's not cool to DBSF is when it's clear that parents favor a subset of the brothers. Case and point: Ron Bailey. You probably never heard of him (he used to play college football at Georgia). Do you know who you have heard of? His younger brothers, Champ and Boss Bailey. Yeah, somehow the two kids named "Champ" and "Boss" ended up becoming 1st and 2nd round NFL picks, respectively, but not ol' Ron. No, Ron (or, Ronald, actually) somehow didn't garner the confidence from his parents to receive a cool name, like 'Winner', 'Mustang', or 'Ultra'. Instead he's the one Bailey brother with the normal person name and no NFL experience.

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