Monday, August 15, 2011

Best 55-second Start to a Soliloquy-cum-Interview

Grant it after about 0:55 when he starts discussing his mental health issues it's kind of sad and no longer entertaining, but clearly Brandon Marshall has zero intention of not setting some precedence before he admits to a problem. Admirable, admirable grandstanding.

Played professional football.? Check. Pro-bowl? Check. Stacked that paper/ got your weight up? Check. College? Check. Grad school? In pursuit. Beautiful, educated wife? Check. Wife w/ 4-5 degrees? Check. Wife w/ more certificates than any press members w/ in a stone's throw? Check. Wife w/ more certificates than all aforementioned press members (w/ in a stone's throw) combined? Check. Dream home? Check. Autos? Yep. Dogs? Beautiful.

That's how you admit you have a problem. No pride-ridden delusional ignorance, or wah-hahh'ing and promises of reform. No, you make it painfully clear that in light of the personal issue that you have called a press conference to announce, you first and foremost are better than everyone, especially those who took time out of their day in the first place to listen to you say that you have a problem.

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