Monday, August 8, 2011

Michael Beasley, on par for Michael Beasley

At a Dyckman Park playground game, Timberwolves' PF/ PG County native Michael Beasley (inevitably) "shoved a heckler in the face" (translation: "punched"). Security intervened and separated Beasley and the heckler, and the two supposedly shook hands after the game.

For Beasley, who achieved notoriety back in 2008 for getting caught 'smoking the pot' at the NBA rookie camp, punching/ face-shoving a pedestrian represents a relatively harmless transgression. Considering other NBA Prince Georges County'ians penchant for mid-afternoon fully-armed, route 50 three-wheel motorcycle rides Beasley almost deserves approbation for exhibiting such reserve.

In other news, Beasley's former team, the Heat (the ones who levied the fine for the rookie camp pot smoking sesh), are rumored to be targeting Shane Battier, Tayshaun Prince, and Grant Hill to fill a void created by everyone on the team not named LeBron, Dwayne, or Chris. If the Heat can't land Battier, Prince, or Hill then they are expected to focus on Michael Redd or Tracy McGrady, which would be like trading Mike Miller for three Mike Millers.

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