Thursday, August 4, 2011

DBSF's Thursday Afternoon Review

Former NBA player (but more importantly former star of MTV's The Perfect Score and supporting actor of Van Wilder) Darius Miles was arrested this week at a St. Louis airport for attempting to bring a gun on board a plane. This comes as quite an achievement for Darius considering the post-9/11 cultural anathema associated with weaponry and airports as well as the countless pictorial, audio and televisual reminders (usually highlighted by a circle with a cross-bar or an an X through an anonymous firearm) that bringing such ware is inappropriate.

AROD was involved in a high stakes poker game with other celebrities where apparently cocaine was consumed. Word is that AROD could face sanctions from MLB for his involvement. Sadly, AROD will likely avoid censure for steroid use, last season's .270 batting average on a quarter-billion dollar contract, and his acquiescence to this photo.

Miami Dolphins' quarterback Chad Henne is disturbed with fans for boo'ing him at the team's training camp this week. DBSF is disturbed that there are individuals in this fine country that would take time out of their day to watch a Dolphins' training camp in person. That's the only camp in the NFL where the defense routinely outscores the offense during 7-on-7 no-pad scrimmages.

The NBA is suing the NBA Player's Union for "being uncooperative in negotiations toward a new collective bargaining agreement". Over the past few centuries it would be interesting to see the number of times that young black men were successful--much less attempted--to sue exceptionally wealthy, older white men on account of "being uncooperative in negotiations toward [the interests of black men]".

With the exception of Michael Jordan and a few nominal, celebrity minority owners it is pleasing to see the economically advantageous owners experience and possess little influence over "uncooperative negotiations". Whites might own the stadiums and the teams, and dole out fines for trash talking, but blacks own the brand and the game. Pro Turkish ball is about to get a whole lot more exciting next year.

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