Monday, June 6, 2011

Sarah Palin Summons Harry Caray; DListed Reminds why you Should Read Dlisted

Visiting Boston on her One Nation tour Sarah Palin created a media furor when she bumbled over what she took from Paul Revere's experience. (In fact, NPR welcomed a history professor who explained that Palin wasn't that misinformed.)

DListed presented one of the funnier assessments of Palin's flub: "I know I'm supposed to fully hate Sarah Palin since she'd rather watch me slit a baby black bear's throat with a broken Budweiser bottle than watch me marry the dude I love, but how can I when she keeps delivering priceless gifts like this? [Here's] Sarah Palin explaining the midnight ride of Paul Revere the same way you'd explain it after 12 sake bombs, a couple of bong hits, a concussion and a bump of crushed Benadryl. To be fair, if someone asked me about Paul Revere, I'd tell them that I loved his work in The Pee-wee Herman Show."

But, Palin's performance reminded DBSF much more of Harry Caray than a concussed Rutgers' student. The bobbling head, incoherence, the look that a nap was in the not-to-distant future, infinitely abstract logic . . . okay so a double line of codeine-laced Benadryl is probably about accurate.

** Youtube blocks all Will Ferrel as Harry Caray skits from airing on Blogger for some reason. See ( for the actual video.

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