Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why didn't you pick the fight with Hasheem Thabeet?

By now most sports' fans have heard that the NBA made it almost two weeks without it's second intra-team fight (both off the court!). Rumor has it that Memphis Grizzlies' guard Tony Allen "stole" fellow guard OJ Mayo over money Mayo owed Allen from a card game. Despite the fact that this fight happened aboard the team plane, this story is Justin Guarini-caliber non-news.

But, what stuck out to DBSF was that Mayo--who owed the money--was the aggressor. Now, both men are about 6'4" 210 lbs so fair fight, right? But, one (Mayo), looks like he goes on tattoo trips with Chris Brown and like some of the dudes from B2K, and the other (Allen) looks like the kind of dude the guards in prison would be scared to mess with.

So, DBSF's question then is with the likes of a Spaniard, like Marc Gasol, on the team who probably takes multiple siestas just to cope with the flight from Cleveland to Milwaukee, why would OJ go after arguably the toughest guy in the NBA? If nothing else you mean to tell DBSF that Mayo couldn't pick on the tragically lanky Hasheem Thabeet?


  1. You wouldn't say that sh*t to OJ Mayo's face.

  2. DBSF wouldn't say that to Brian Scalabrine's face.