Monday, January 24, 2011

T.G.I.F Exploitation Mini-Rant

by: the Admiral

Before Jeff Goldblum, a.k.a. The Fly, took over the duties of eccentric supercop on Law and Order: Criminal Intent, the resident misunderstood genius of Manhattan’s Major Case Squad was played by this guy.

In between a recent afternoon’s viewing of Revenge of the Nerds 3: The Next Generation (1.5 meatballs) and the episode of Beverly Hills 90210 where Steve Sanders gets the legacy key (3.5 meatballs), I caught back to back D’Onofrio episodes of the Law & Order:CI.

The interesting thing was that the killers in these back to back episodes were this guy…..

and this guy…….

otherwise known as these guys…………

That’s right, fun loving Cousin Larry (Mark Linn-Baker) & Dance of Joy pioneer Balky Bartokomous (Bronson Pinchot), whose morally uplifting and good natured antics provided late 80s T.G.I.F. joy, were now being exploited as a morally reprehensible doctor who killed his wife with a neurotoxin and an antisocial O.C.D. insurance actuator who killed 9 homeless people.

I have to say that this is not cool with me. Alex P. Keaton was a childhood hero of mine and I was already a little uncomfortable when a few seasons ago Criminal Intent disgraced my memories of his 80s TV dad when they portrayed Michael Gross (aka Steven Keaton) as Viagra and Esctasy addicted prostitute serial killer.

Use Lindsay Lohan and Justin Beiber for your sick twisted purposes, but leave our T.G.I.F heroes alone. If we don’t draw the line somewhere all of our late 80s and early 90s TGIF stars will be lost to the land of Law & Order debauchery. I for one am not ready for Eddie Winslow and Topenga to be exploited as some sick twisted modern day Bonnie and Clyde.

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