Friday, January 28, 2011

But do they Understand the Purpose of Steroids?

The AP is reporting that Memphis Grizzlies guard OJ Mayo will be suspended 10 games for testing positive for DHEA, a steroid that--to Mayo's defense--is common in over the counter supplements. This is the same substance that landed then Orlando Magic forward Rashard Lewis the same suspension last season.

Mayo and Lewis's capricious approach to defense and their mutual deference to 25 foot jump shots make these suspensions inconsequential, at least from a win-loss perspective. But, something seems suspicious to DBSF about these two players failing tests for steroids that are intended to increase strength and muscle bulk--neither player bangs, much less spends time in the paint except to retrieve in-bound passes after the opposing team scores.

In fact--especially with respect to Lewis--these guys are like the antithesis of a Kendrick Perkins or Charles Oakley. Grant it he's a 6' 4" guard but in almost 40 minutes of play per game in his career, Mayo has averaged just over 3.5 rebounds, and about 0.2 blocks per game. Lewis, who has no excuse as a 6' 10" power forward, put up just over 4 rebounds per game and less than 0.5 blocks per game in his last two seasons with Orlando. (PS Both get to hoist anywhere from 5-6 threes per outing.)

Perhaps their use of DHEA is a sign that each player is in transition to Ben Wallaceville or, and perhaps more likely, Mayo and Lewis are preparing in the event that the NBA moves the three-point line back another 10 feet.