Monday, January 3, 2011

Brett Favre = Kerry Collins w/ No Text Game

Apparently, Brett Favre's text game can get more suspect. You know you're text game is dirt when you're an NFL icon, making $20 million a year, but you're still getting sued by one of the 21 year old massage therapists who will crush ANY player because let's be honest you didn't get that job because you dropped Physical Therapy 001 one week into the semester at Clemson (Grant it, it was due to insufficient parking by the Kinesiology building. But, it was pass/ fail and 1.0 credit and most those dudes from Delt Sig in PT 001 totally toked before class so the bar was low, even by Clemson's standards.)

If DBSF seems cross with Favre, it's because he is. Over the last three months DBSF missed countless NBA highlights on the 12pm Sportscenter because of the daily Brett Favre news conference that inexplicably mandated full attention from the sports media. (If a football fan from another planet came for just one day and watched just one 12pm Sportscenter, they'd ask why we didn't give the same treatment to Derek Anderson.)

DBSF also can't help but feel that Favre's legacy is considerably over-hyped. If he got pulled after every first or second stupid interception, like most other QBs do, he would be Kerry Collins. Outside a couple spectacular seasons in the mid and late 1990's Favre's numbers look very Eli Manning/ Carson Palmeresque. If Favre doesn't have Desmond Howard in Superbowl XXXI and had he not peaked at a low point for NFL QBs (twilight for Young/ Marino/ Elway, etc and pre-Manning/ Brady) DBSF would have caught at least 4 or 5 more Timberwolves/ Warriors' replays this November-December. Just saying.

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