Monday, October 31, 2011

Kobe, Will Smith of the NBA

There's a lot of sports news this last weekend varying from Tim Tebow's just failed fourth quarter comeback against the Lions, the break-up of 'Krim' (celebophile DBSF's couple nickname for Kim K. and Kris H., which never caught on among the TMZ/ Perez Hilton's, but DBSF is convinced that if E! could have only stipulated some 4-hour follow-up post-wedding-celebration celebration so their dating form of marriage could have reached triple figures w/r/t days then DBSF 's sobriquet would have stuck and he would have been eternalized in the etymological annals of the OED for anointing "Krim", but--unfortunately for DBSF--Kim called into the bull pen after 72 days so DBSF will still only be best known for demanding that the NFL take "religiousity" into account in calculating the QB's rating), Jamaal Tinsely announcing that he is entering the NBDL draft in hopes of re-entering the NBA (shoot-first, 33 year old PGs with a career FG % below 40% are so "Krim" [it's DBSF's word, he'll use it how/ when he likes] to NBA exec's), but what deserves the greatest attention was Shaq--in one of those mandatory marketing ploys to stir interest in a forthcoming book--announced that his beef (they're word, DBSF uses it strictly as a noun) with Kobe was based on the solipsism and unfathomable obsession with the self that one would expect, but in a moment of truly genuine self-love--the type that leads Kim K. to don multiple wedding dresses for a 4-hour cable TV wedding thing and stop and catch herself in a moment because you can tell that she has just realized that she can see herself in not just one reflection but a second and maybe even a third reflection so Kim K. now has multiple angles/ views on the beatific vision that Kim K. truly in her heart of hearts believes Kim K. is--Kobe declared to Shaq that he would be a great Laker and in Kobe's words "the Will Smith of the NBA." DBSF learned more about Kobe from that one statement than he did in the 15 seasons of watching him play basketball.

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  1. i like "krim" kinda like kanyes "cray." like: "man...krim is cray man!"