Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend in Review

Allen Iverson will be hosting a basketball tournament in Vegas over a weekend in November. Considering Iverson's supposed gambling and drinking issues the rationale for this location is on par with having a Chris Andersen charity tournament in Bogota or organizing a JaMarcus Russell work-out next to a Robotussin plant.

Tim Tebow led the Broncos to an overtime win and his first as the team's starter this season. At face-value Tebow's 13-27 for 2 TDs and 0 interceptions is somewhat impressive. But, upon further analysis there is grounds for concern considering that on the season Tebow has only completed 4 of 11 passes in the first 3 quarters. There's also the minor issue that it took the Tebow-led offense just over 57 minutes to first score on the Dolphins, which falls in the sports world-realm of having Matt Moore complete two-thirds of his passes with a TD and no pics on you or having a shot blocked by Adam Morrison. (In WR parlance--not being able to break away from Reed Doughty on a fly route.)

Carson Palmer and Kyle Boller combined for a handful of completions, a lot of incompletions and six interceptions. DBSF found it terribly insensitive that Raiders' coach Hue Jackson played Boller for a full half, and compounded the insensitivity by making him throw the ball. Everyone knows that Kyle is on that team for two purposes: 1) to warm-up the back-up center by taking practice snaps when it looks like the starting center might be suffering from cramps or some injury, and 2) to remind team executives that if arm strength was the only determinant of a successful NFL QB then the entire Houston Astros' bullpen would be playing professional football.

After falling behind 7-0 in the first quarter the Colts weren't able to catch back-up with the Saints in the second half and just lost 62-7. Curtis Painter had a very scraggly chicken in a PETA ad thing going, which made the whole viewing experience more disheartening than NFL's Greatest Bloopers reel slapstick funny.

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