Thursday, October 27, 2011

How was Vince Young Supposed to Know?

News came out this week that the Dallas strip club in which Vince Young exhibited more urgency and exertion fighting bouncers than he ever had on an NFL field is suing the Philadelphia Eagles' back-up/ "Dream Teamer". But, it wasn't until this week that DBSF learned of the basis for Young's intransigence. You see it was all a pretty standard mix-up. Apparently, Young took offense that the club refused to charge $8,000 to his credit card and in recompense provide him with 8,000 one dollar bills.

DBSF assumes it went as follows. After spending most of the morning studying game tapes to figure out how best he could throw for double-digit yards in a game, Young realized that time had escaped him and the bank was going to close before he could withdraw 8,000 of the same currency. (It was that or he finished playing XBox at noon went to the bank where the teller explained that it isn't standard operating procedures for a bank to carry such a quantity of a single currency and, therefore, $8,000 in ones qualifies as a "special request" and such requests demand at least 3 or so days advance notice.)

At the club, Vince tried the ATM but upon realizing that withdrawals could not exceed $300 and that twenties represented the only denomination, he accepted that this approach wouldn't suffice. So, what's left? Of course, one gives the manager his Visa and requests eight thousand of a single currency because if the banks isn't going to have eight thousands ones the only logical other place to carry that denomination en masse would--and logically speaking, this is reasonable--is a strip club, which represents the only commercial industry (save McDonald's and vending machines) where the single dollar bill still possesses any worth. So, was Vince Young really supposed to know that this wasn't a demand that could be met?

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