Thursday, November 11, 2010

DBSF Veteran's Day Tribute: Like Ron Mexico, but Not like Ron Mexico

Many distinguished veterans of the armed services have played collegiate and professional football--Roger Staubach, and Dwight D. Eisenhower represent perhaps the most prominent. Contemporaneously, none compare to James Connolly, long-snapper extrodinaire of the Maryland Terrapins and Catholic U. Cardinals football teams.

Few student athletes manage to play college football for a decade. This is primarily the case because of an esoteric NCAA-imposed student athlete term limit (4 years). Connolly, however, like Ron Mexico, took an 18 (give or take a few years) month hiatus from football. But, where Mexico's sabbatical was state imposed for improper kenneling, Connolly left football to clear road bombs in Mesopotamia.

In his return, Connolly's long-snapping has been so phenomenal that DBSF over-heard a top Old Dominion Athletic Conference scout say, "That Connolly's something special. I haven't seen a long-snapper get the ball to the punter so fast since, oh that, uh number 57 or 59 or 52 was it that played on oh, that darkish light jerseyed team a few years back or so or more." So, this Veteran's Day--which you will likely celebrate by taking a floating holiday on January 2nd after you impetuously parlay new year's into a two-day bender--DBSF would like you to honor the "Blumpkin of Bowie", James Connolly.


  1. God Bless America & God Bless our service men & women. Jimmy Connolly is a true American hero!