Friday, November 19, 2010

Carolina Panthers Field a Mediocre D-1 Team

After injuries decimated the QB position for the Carolina Panthers, it was announced this week that Brian St. Pierre will be taking over the helm at QB. If you can't pick Brian St. Pierre out of your cerebral card catalogue, it's not your fault. Unless you went to Boston College in the early 2000s or have the last name "St. Pierre" you probably never encountered the new Panther QB.

Between 2004 and 2009, St. Pierre has 5 career pass attempts (2 completions, a TD, a pic), negative one rushing yards, and a fumble that he picked up. In a vote of confidence Panthers' head Coach John Fox is quoted as saying “The guy has been in some games.” Fox means this literally. St. Pierre has played in two games; one above "game".

To further complicate matters, as of last week St. Pierre was stay-at-home dading so the speed and strength of the Baltimore Raves defense might come as a bit of a shock. In addition, the Panthers top 3 RBs are out with injuries, which means the ol' play action is pretty much off the table. As such, the odds makers have estimated the probability of a Panthers win this Sunday is more likely than "meteoric planetary annihilation", but slightly less likely than "Y2K bug disabling worldwide interweb."


  1. In protest of this decision I am ordering Freedom Fries with my dinner. Waffle Freedom Fries to be exact.

  2. St. Pierre is playable in madden 2005 which i will huhwhip any of your asses in.

  3. how that would go down

    1) you arrive
    2) Rossum Jenkins scores 4 TDs
    3) Vick runs for 225 yards
    4) Our friendship ends

    Whenever you are ready, stop by.